Hi. We're Christine and Charlie and We Eat Stuff.

We live in St. Louis and have an awesome dog named Waffles.

This is us, being fancy.  We don’t usually look like this…

This is Waffles, being Waffles.

We're not really bloggers, we just like to eat and drink in St. Louis and then share our love for the hospitality industry.

People seem to love our photos and we hope we do help get the word out about all the amazing places in STL.

We’ve got to eat and drink some very interesting food and booze…

…and meet some very interesting people. St. Louis is home to some of the best chefs and mixologists in the country.

So you could say we’re “Food Influencers”? Is that a thing?

Either way, we feel lucky to live in St. Louis right now. The hospitality scene here is becoming more vibrant, diverse, and amazing everyday.

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