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Industry Interview – Mikey Carrasco

We recently sat down with Mikey Carrasco and asked him what ingredient best represented his personality.  He chose citrus and talked with us at length about his approach to cooking and developing a...
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Industry Interview – Nika Marble

This is the first of our Industry Interviews series we are starting where we interview local people in the food & beverage industry and ask them to talk about themselves and an ingredient that...
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CWE Cocktail Party

We’ve been doing We Eat Stuff for almost three and a half years now and sometimes we’re a little surprised where the blog has taken us. Being asked to be judges at the CWE Cocktail Party...
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Explore St. Louis

This Memorial weekend we were asked to be representatives of the St Louis neighborhood campaign Lucky to Live Here. This really gels with our idea for what We Eat Stuff represents –...
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