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Yesterday we visited Turn in Grand Center, which we’ve walk past many times when visiting Jeremy Pevnick at Sophie’s Artist Lounge upstairs.

What did we eat?

Biscuit Flight

Chef David Kirkland brought us out a delightful Biscuit Flight. The biscuits were all differently flavored and came with some jam, honey, and butter.


Christine ordered the uniquely named L.E.O., which features some amazing Salmon, Poached Eggs, Carmalized Onions, Baetje Farms Goat Cheese, and Dill Hollandaise Sauce.

Avocado Toast

Well, we are hipsters after all, though only Christine is a Millennial (Charlie is GenerationX, SO OLD!).  The Avocado Toast did not dissapoint, though Charlie did order a side of nice, crispy bacon to add another fat to the mix.

One of the best parts of our visit was meeting Chef David Kirkland, who we have heard a lot about but have never actually met. 

David used to be the chef at Café Osage, where he worked very closely with Bowood Farms and other local farms..

He also used to be a DJ, which we didn’t know, and David let us know that the letter “t” in the Turn logo is supposed to be the tone arm of a record player and the circle of the logo is a record.

He has his montage of records on the wall as an homage to his DJ past.  Here’s a better shot of it:


Does Turn do more than Brunch?

Yes, yes they do.

They also serve Lunch, though they are only open till 3pm most days (closed Mondays) as of writing this post…  though they occaisonally will be open during Dinner, and are currently running a series of Dinners titled “Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner”Click here to see the regular menu, also you can learn about special Dinner events on their facebook page.

Big thanks to Chef David Kirkland for coming out to meet us and for the amazing meal! You rock! #STLLove

- Christine & Charlie

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