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We Eat Stuff has been around for over 4 years now, and a lot has changed since we first started this site. Many restaurants we wrote about back then have closed, or changed character so dramatically what we wrote about then isn’t relevant anymore.

We’ve changed a lot too. We know a lot more about cooking, cuisines, mixology, liquors, cooking schools, history and much more we knew very little about when we first started.

So, we’re starting over. We Eat Stuff is a brand new blog now. The old posts are still there, but cannot be linked to right now. We’ll start making new posts soon, and also start making “files” about all the locations we’ve been too.

Also we’re going to start profiles on the various chefs, mixologists, business-owners, and other people in the food scene that we know.

We want the site to be something people want to visit often, just like our Instagram account. Hopefully we can do that and keep people interested. Thanks for following us everyone and come back occasionally to see what we’ve done!

– Christine & Charlie

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