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    • Style: Italian, Brunch
    • Pros: Standard Italian cuisine given a modern twist. Everything is delicious!
    • Cons: Interior can get seriously noisy and can get kind of cramped when full.
    • Charlie’s Favorites: Wood Oven Roasted Salmon, Italian Ramen, Barrel Aged Negroni
    • Christine’s Favorites: Shaved Kale Salad, Bucatini All’ Amatriciana, Crispy Risotto Balls
    I Fratellini

    I Fratellini

    • Style: Italian, Fine-Dining
    • Pros: Top notch fine-dining in Clayton. Everything we ordered was amazing.
    • Cons: Expect some snooty fellow diners, but you cannot blame the staff for that.
    • Charlie’ Favorites: ┬áMussels, Prosciutto Wrapped Endive, Negroni Sbagliato
    • Christine’s Favorites: Mussels, Panna Cotta, Kale Salad

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