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    Ices Plain & Fancy

    Ices Plain & Fancy

    • Style: Ice-Cream
    • Pros: Amazingly creamy, delicious, and inventive ice-creams. Great local collaborations./li>
    • Cons: Can get seriously slammed with business.
    • Charlie’s Favorites: Elvis Plain & Fancy, Mrs. Marshall’s Old Fashioned, Sump Pump
    • Christine’s Favorites: Mrs. Marshall’s Old Fashioned, Campfire S’mores, Sump Pump
    Jilly’s Cupcakes

    Jilly’s Cupcakes

    • Style: Cafe, Ice Cream, Cupcakes
    • Pros: Incredible ice cream, fun and inventive cupcakes, great sandwiches.
    • Cons: Some things too sweet. Potato chips were not that good.
    • Charlie’s Favorites: Monte Cristo, Bee Sting Sundae, Chicken Appollonia
    • Christine’s Favorites: Caeser Salad, Bee Sting Sundae, 24-Karat Carrot Cake


    • Style: Brunch, Ice Cream, Bar & Grill
    • Pros: Bohemian hipster atmosphere with great sweet and savory waffles, ice cream and smoothies, and lots of games and videos.
    • Cons: Really loud and massively visually stimulating, which might actually be a pro for many.
    • Charlie’ Favorites:  Blue Ox Waffle, Coffee
    • Christine’s Favorites: Granny Smith Waffle, Ice Latte with Coffee Ice Cubes
    The Fountain on Locust

    The Fountain on Locust

    • Style: Ice Cream, Old Fashioned
    • Pros: Made from scratch ice cream, phosphate sodas, boozy milkshakes, and old-fashioned soups and sandwiches. Check out their award winning bathroom!
    • Cons: Can get crowded and have long waits. Interior is great but poorly lit.
    • Charlie’ Favorites:  Hot Toddy, Soup de Jour, Banana Bourbon
    • Christine’s Favorites: Dill Pickle Soup, Love Potion #9, Spicy Carrots
    Bailey’s Range

    Bailey’s Range

    • Style: Burgers, Ice Cream
    • Pros: Many delightful variations on three simple things: Burgers, Fries, and Ice Cream.
    • Cons: Can get really crowded and really loud. Service can get slow during rushes.
    • Charlie’ Favorites:  Duck Burger, Fries with Ginger Ketchup, Root Beer Float, Sweet Sweet Bacon Shake
    • Christine’s Favorites: Fries with Honey Mustard/Cheese Sauce, Horchata Shake, Kale Salad

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