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    Mission Taco Joint

    Mission Taco Joint

    • Style: Mexican, Tacos
    • Pros: Wonderful tacos and other Mexican fare. Incredible Cocktails.
    • Cons: Can get crowded, service can get rather slow.
    • Charlie’ Favorites:  Fish Tacos, Blue Crab Tacos, The Bourbon Reforms
    • Christine’s Favorites: Fish Tacos, Nopales Tacos, Ostrich Milk
    Pi Pizzeria in the Loop

    Pi Pizzeria in the Loop

    • Style: Chicago-Style Pizza.
    • Pros: Good pizza, many options plus you can make your own. Decent sides and small plates. The hummus is good.
    • Cons: Not the best cocktails, though beer is top notch. Cornmeal crust may not appeal to all.
    • Charlie’ Favorites:  The Hanley, Chicken Wings
    • Christine’s Favorites: Custom Pizza, Hummus, Sangria
    Fork and Stix

    Fork and Stix

    • Style: Thai
    • Pros: Great food, great prices
    • Cons: Poor atmosphere.  BYOB.
    • Charlie’s Favorites:  Hung Lay Curry, Tum Yum Soup
    • Christine’s Favorites: Khao Soi with Tofu, Iced Coffee, Papaya Salad

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