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    Strange Donuts

    Strange Donuts

    • Style: Donuts
    • Pros: Truly interesting “dones” with a lot of flavor and variety.
    • Cons: Several of the dones were not that good unless fresh or heated up.
    • Charlie’s Favorites: ¬†Blueberry Cheescake, Elvis, Pizzadone (Stranger)
    • Christine’s Favorites: Gooey Buttercake, Blueberry Cheescake, Thousand Dollar


    • Style: Cuban, Caribbean and Creole
    • Pros: Really delicious food with a lot of flavor and great drinks as well.
    • Cons: Quality varies from day to day.
    • Charlie’ Favorites: ¬†Fried gator, Picadillo, Manchego Cheese
    • Christine’s Favorites: Paelle, Curried Hummus, Mojito

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