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    • Style: Italian, Brunch
    • Pros: Standard Italian cuisine given a modern twist. Everything is delicious!
    • Cons: Interior can get seriously noisy and can get kind of cramped when full.
    • Charlie’s Favorites: Wood Oven Roasted Salmon, Italian Ramen, Barrel Aged Negroni
    • Christine’s Favorites: Shaved Kale Salad, Bucatini All’ Amatriciana, Crispy Risotto Balls
    Coastal Bistro

    Coastal Bistro

    • Style: Creole, Southern
    • Pros: Great flavors, great atmosphere, and a lot of variety of dishes.
    • Cons: Some items too heavy, but there are plenty of awesome light items as well.
    • Charlie’s Favorites: Fish Tacos, Clam Chowder, Salmon Nicoise
    • Christine’s Favorites: Fish Tacos, Tilapia Stir Fry, Green Tomato & Watermelon Salad (special)
    Bocci Wine Bar

    Bocci Wine Bar

    • Style: New American, Wine Bar, Global Cuisine
    • Pros: Really tasty New American cuisine with a lot of variety and wonderful presentation. Wonderful wine selection.
    • Cons: They are still finalizing the menu and style. No cocktail menu.
    • Charlie’s Favorites:  Duck and Fig Flatbread, Scallops with Pea Puree and Honey, Citrus Tiramasu
    • Christine’s Favorites: Flight of Soups, Beet Salad, Citrus Tiramasu
    Bar Les Freres

    Bar Les Freres

    • Style: French
    • Pros: Amazing French cuisine that will appeal to more than just Francophiles.
    • Cons: Very popular but it is expanding. Darkly lit, which is a plus for some.
    • Charlie’s Favorites:  Chocolate Mousse, Sazerac, Lobster Bisque
    • Christine’s Favorites: Chocolate Mousse, Brandy Alexander, Endive Salad
    The Libertine

    The Libertine

    • Style: New American
    • Pros: Expertly sourced and well made fare. Inredible mixology and an incredible head chef make for a great experience.
    • Cons: Very popular place so be prepared to make reservations or get there early. Small portions, but we only ordered appetizers.
    • Charlie’s Favorites:  She Crab Soup, Roots, Tom Waits for No Man
    • Christine’s Favorites: Ash Roasted Carrot, Ice Cream Candy Bar, Fear and Loathing

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