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Hidden in the overblown shadow of P.F. Chang’s sits the best place to eat and drink in Richmond Heights.  Vinō Nadōz charmed us from the very beginning and we have always enjoyed our visits.


Crab Cakes

The food is seriously good, and for good reason.  The head chef, Chris, is a master with flavor, texture, and appearance.  Everything served up is delightful and wonderfully presented.



The menu changes a lot and there are always specials to try so picking favorites is very hard to do as it constantly changes, though one dish you can generally rely upon (if you are a meat eater) is anything with pork belly in it.


Violet Ray

Even though this place is marketed as a wine bar, it has some seriously great cocktails.  The main bartender, Alex, is as gregarious and friendly as he is talented.  He will take very good care of you and your guests.


Old Fashioned

That is one thing that really makes Vinō Nadōz stand out from the crowd: the intimate feel.  There are places that serve better food and drink in St. Louis (though very few), but it is truly the people working there that make it such a wonderful place to be.  You will feel at home here.

Chilled Mussels

Chilled Mussels

The only thing of note is that the head chef is leaving soon for another restaurant opening in Lafayette Square called Element, which we will visit once it opens.  Hopefully they will maintain the high quality of food in his absence, but we will come back here regularly to check up on the quality and let everyone know how it  worked out.


Duck Sandwich


  • Pros: Really top notch food and drink. Very quiet and intimate atmosphere.
  • Cons: Head chef is moving on, but still should be a great place to go.
  • Charlie’ Favorites:  Pork Belly, Manhattan, Mussels
  • Christine’s Favorites: Fig Pizzaletta, Violet Ray, Crab Cakes

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