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The Royale has not been around long enough to be considered a St. Louis institution, but it is none-the-less a cultural meeting place for hipsters, artists, business-types, and politicos alike.  Situated right off of Arsenal around the intersection of Kingshighway, The Royale is perfectly placed in the middle of a wide variety of St. Louis cultures which all find its fancy pub-grub and well made cocktails a regular habit.


Sweet Georgia Brown

The Royale has a very comforting and inviting atmosphere that never takes itself too seriously despite the loyal following of its patrons.  The atmosphere is at once old-timey and modern, classy yet classless.  This may have much to do with its appeal to such a wide audience.


Mint Julep

The owners are partisans for St. Louis culture and business and much of the food and drink served come from local sources or microbreweries.  Everything here is very unpretentious but undeniably well made and well sourced.


East West Club

The east west club is absolutely delicious with chutney aioli and crispy bacon.  The fish tacos are some of the best in the town and still very reasonably priced.  Even though they are not pictured here, the brisket tacos are just wonderful in their simplicity, very tender and full of flavor with a minimum of ingredients.


Caprese Salad

Besides the food, the many cocktails and beer selections are sure to win anyone over.  Their “Really Rye Old-Fashioned” is a classic as are their variations on the Manhattan.

They have seasonal cocktails that appear on the menu here and there, one of our current favorites being the Sweet Georgia Brown.  Left Hand Brewery, one of my favorite brewers, usually has a place on their taps.  I especially like their Milk Stout.


Really Rye Old Fashioned

And besides all the food and drink, The Royale has a very nice outdoor patio that is great for hanging out with friends or chatting up a stranger. You never know who you will befriend at The Royale, but it is a great way to get to know your fellow St. Louisians better. This is one of the best things about going to The Royale. It is more than just a neighborhood pub, it is a meeting place for the entire city.

  • Pros:  Best neighborhood bar in the city. Atmosphere and cuisine will appeal to a very wide audience.
  • Cons: Can get really crowded at times. Restrooms and other niceties are not always kept up the best.
  • Charlie’ Favorites: East West Club, Really Rye Old Fashioned, Brisket Tacos
  • Christine’s Favorites: Fish Tacos, Dark and Stormy, Sweet Potato Chips with Chutney Aioli

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