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This is a very fine place to see some art, listen to wonderful music performances, and to have delightful drinks and food.


We highly recommend their cocktails, especially the French Quarter and their Manhattan. They only carry top-shelve stuff and make some of their own vermouths, brandied cherries, and such.


They also have great food as well.  We suggest the hummus and the croque-monsieur.  They have really nice Italian sodas and fine deserts as well.


The main attraction/detraction are the acts they book.  They vary wildly in performance style, quality, and taste.  One day you might see a highly talented opera singer and the next day you might see poorly written and read poetry.



  • Pros: Great small plates, incredible drinks, awesome atmosphere.
  • Cons: Musical acts may or may not appeal to your tastes.
  • Charlie’s Favorites:  Croque-Monsieur, Manhattan, French Quarter
  • Christine’s Favorites: Italian Sodas, Hummus, French Quarter

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