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Think of St. Louis style pizza and Imo’s immediately comes to mind.  The cracker-crust provolone treat is not favored by everyone, but thankfully it is not the only option around.  Pi Pizzeria is a local chain with locations in Downtown, Kirkwood, and Chesterfield, but today Christine and I went to the location in The Loop on Delmar.


They have many fine pizzas you can order (my favorite being the Hanley, which has BBQ chicken on it) but you have the option of making your own recipe.  We ordered a vegetarian style with pesto, tomatoes, garlic, and ricotta cheese.  It was very good.


One of the first things you will notice about the pizza at Pi is the cornmeal crust.  Not everyone will dig this, but it does have a nice crunch and can really compliment the flavor of the toppings.


There are many small plates you can get, including bread with butter and roasted garlic.  This is pretty good, though I wish we got more roasted garlic with it.


Pi is mostly known for its wide variety of beers on tap, but Christine and I are upscale hipsters that prefer booze over brews.


Their Old Fashioned was decent but the Sangria was very tasty, albeit a little overly sweet.  Still, we finished both our drinks with no complaints.


  • Pros: Good pizza, many options plus you can make your own. Decent sides and small plates. The hummus is good.
  • Cons: Not the best cocktails, though beer is top notch. Cornmeal crust may not appeal to all.
  • Charlie’s Favorites:  The Hanley, Chicken Wings
  • Christine’s Favorites: Custom Pizza, Hummus, Sangria

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