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Mission Taco Joint is probably our favorite place to get tacos in St. Louis, not to mention some really nice drinks.  It’s located on the corner of Skinker and Delmar, right around where some lofts for Wash U are being built.


Crab Taquitos

The atmosphere is very cool and calming, though the music is generally 90’s alternative and the place is generally jam packed.  Service can be a little slow, but saving that it is a great place to eat and drink.


The Bourbon Reforms

The Bourbon Reforms is my favorite drink there, the Ostrich Milk (which tastes like horchata) taking a close second. There have a nice selection of beers as well, if cocktails are not your thing.


Ostrich Milk

But the main star of the show are their tacos, and they do not fail to impress.  They have special tacos all the time, my favorite being the blue crab, but their standard tacos are extremely tasty and nicely priced.  The fish tacos are exceptional as are their duck, nopales tacos (cactus), chicken tacos, pork belly tacos… they’re all really good, actually.

Nopales Tacos

Nopales Tacos

Plus, they have some really delightful churros that come with a rich dipping sauce.   A must have upon your visit if you have some room.



Again, the place can get really busy and service can get rather slow, but the crew tries their best to keep up with Mission Taco Joint’s popularity.  Nick D. is one of our favorite waiters there and always does his best to make sure we’re happy with our service and food.


  • Pros: Wonderful tacos and other Mexican fare. Incredible Cocktails.
  • Cons: Can get crowded, service can get rather slow.
  • Charlie’ Favorites:  Fish Tacos, Blue Crab Tacos, The Bourbon Reforms
  • Christine’s Favorites: Fish Tacos, Nopales Tacos, Ostrich Milk

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