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We love Half & Half.  If The Royale moved to downtown Clayton and became a brunch place it would be much like this place.  You get a wide variety of  people from all walks of life that come here and wait up to an hour to have some of the best breakfast/lunch in the area.


Eggs Benedict with Ham and Spinach

Hipsters with their smart phones, upper-class housewives with their many, many children, and blue-collar workers with their flannel shirts all stand shoulder to shoulder for a chance to have some eggs benedict or whatever is on special that day.  The food is classic breakfast fare with a modern sensibility that is simple yet inventive.


Tinga (Special)

Every weekend they have brunch specials, many of which you will never see offered again.  I generally try to get one of these when I go, as you never know what they are going to have on the menu.


The Namesake

Their coffee is top notch, featuring cold-brews, french presses, and even simple drip coffee for the unadventurous.   Their Namesake it a very simple concoction that both of us like.  They also have a wide variety of cocktails, if early day drinking is on your schedule.  I like the “Bacon, Egg, and Cheese”, which has bourbon, egg, and mascarpone whipped together to make a surprisingly smooth drink.


Salmon Hash

The only thing I do not like about Half & Half is how popular is has become.  If you do not arrive just as they open or at an off hour you can expect to wait a while to be seated.  Also, the crowd has gradually been homogenizing to be mostly upper-middle class families with babies and small children.  But who can blame them?  The food is incredible and will appeal to a wide variety of people both young and old.  If you have not been to Half & Half yet, do yourself a favor and grab a good book to read for the wait and come on down for the best brunch in town.


  • Pros: Amazing food and coffee. Great breakfast cocktails and hip atmosphere. Kid and baby friendly.
  • Cons: Overly popular, can be a long wait to be seated. Kid and baby friendly.
  • Charlie’ Favorites:  Eggs Benedict with Ham and Spinach, Brunch Specials, Bacon, Egg, and Cheese cocktail.
  • Christine’s Favorites: Salmon Hash, Clara Cakes, The Namesake

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