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So, we went through the trouble and effort of restarting our blog after four years and now we’re barely posting to it.

What’s the deal, Christine & Charlie?  Huh?

Well, the deal is that our hearts are just not in traditional blogging anymore. We thought restarting the blog and playing with new and interesting formats would do the trick, and it was fun for a bit, but we’re finding out that our interests are just not falling into a format that an ol’timey bloggity-blog can capture.

Our Instagram account is our bread and butter. It’s what we’re known for and what people really upon us for. A blog is almost a distraction to it, and it’s something from the past. Also, people don’t really view us as bloggers. We started out as bloggers but we’re more of a resource now. So that is what this site is going to become.

We Eat Stuff is going to go through some changes in the next year. We’re not afraid to admit we don’t want to blog anymore; we have some far more interesting projects in mind. We’ve loved getting to know everyone through our podcast series and we’d like to keep the focus on the people behind the St. Louis food scene. The food on your plate, the drink in your glass, and the ambiance of your favorite restaurant all come from real people, people who deserve to be known and treated like the stars that they are.

We’re not saying we’re giving up producing lots of delicious food photos; we’ll always be doing that.

Our Instagram account will be there for as long as Instagram is still a thing, but we’re going to start shifting to something new with the website.  It’s not going to be a blog; It’s going to something better.

Thank you all who did read and enjoy our blog over the past four and a half years.  We Eat Stuff wouldn’t have ever made it past 2013 if it hadn’t been because of all our past readership.   In the next couple of months the blog elements will completely disappear from the site and something far more useful, interesting, and informative will take it’s place.

– Christine & Charlie


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