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This is the food blog of Christine and Charlie, two hipster-foodies in love.

They love to try out different restaurants and food places all throughout St. Louis and the Metro-East area.

Bourbon Drinker & Big Thinker



Charlie is a software engineer and designer who dabbles in improv and stand-up comedy. He loves meeting new people, working on creative side projects with friends, and is in love with the St. Louis food and booze scene. He is very partial to ol’ timey drinks like Manhattans and Old Fashioneds.

Beautiful, Talented, and Hungry



Christine is a voice and piano instructor who runs her own music school called the Monarch Music School. She also sings in and directs local church choirs as well. Christine loves eating and drinking in St. Louis and often has the last word on where Christine and Charlie go out to eat. She loves a good St. Germain cocktail.

Half Corgi & Half Wiener



Waffles is a rescue from the Humane Society of St. Louis and is the perfect patio dining companion. We take him to any place that will allow dogs in St. Louis.

Why are we doing this blog?

Because we want the world to know St. Louis is a great place to eat. The food and drink scene in St. Louis is blossoming and becoming more vibrant and unique with each passing month. It seems every week new and interesting places open up as people are waking up to the news that this is a great place to eat.

So come back to our blog regularly and see what’s new and wonderful in the St. Louis area. We are not food critics; we are food evangelists. We do not post bad reviews. If we do not like a place we do not put it on the site. It’s as simple as that, so you know if it is on this site it is good.

If you know a place we should try let us know!

We have a Contact Us link above and we also are on twitter, facebook, and tumblr. We’d love to hear from you. Thanks!

– Christine and Charlie

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