This Memorial weekend we were asked to be representatives of the St Louis neighborhood campaign Lucky to Live Here.

This really gels with our idea for what We Eat Stuff represents – we’re not necessarily trying to find the best of everything, but celebrating local talent that you can find right down the street from you.




Southampton – Russell’s on Macklind


The first neighborhood I want to feature is actually where we live, Southampton. We’ve lived here for almost three years, and we love it. There’s a lot of charm and character all around, and it’s a great place for us to hang out with Waffles. Our house is 75 years old, and we call it the little gingerbread house. I’ve painted it funky colors on the inside, and I love being able to make it my quirky little place.

One of the main reasons we were attracted to SoHa is its walkability. If we wanted to, we could walk to breakfast, lunch, and dinner, all within a couple blocks of each other. In the Macklind business district, there are many new eateries and shops to visit!



One of the first restaurants we discovered after moving here was Russell’s on Macklind. I eat here at least once a week, and anytime we have friends or family over, we usually end up visiting here.

I’m not usually too opinionated, but they have the best gooey butter cake I have ever tasted. My personal favorites are cinnamon, and lemon blueberry.



In fact, all their desserts are stellar! This is one of the specialty cakes they make every day.




Downtown – The Four Seasons Hotel – Cielo


A few days ago, we were driving around town, and ended up downtown. It was a relatively quiet evening, so we decided to pop by the Four Seasons hotel, and dine at their rooftop restaurant, Cielo. It was a phenomenal evening on many levels.




Our server, Steven, and Chef Colucci were very thorough in the explanations and presentation of the drinks and dishes, and we were lucky enough to sample a few of the new summer menu items.




Of all the antipasti plates, we both loved the Cappesante. It consisted of meltingly tender scallops, brûléed grapefruit, and a basil emulsion.



Another stunner for me were two pasta dishes that were served – Tonnarelli Neri, and Basil Pappardelle. Black pasta may look weird at first, but it tastes divine. The huge chunks of lobster didn’t hurt, either. The pappardelle was accompanied by the fresh vegetables of the day, and a spicy tomato sauce.



Central West End – The Preston


To finish up our St. Louis-centric weekend, we returned to one of our new favorites, The Preston in the Chase Park Plaza. The restaurant got its name from the buildings’ original creator, Preston J. Bradshaw. In the past few months, we have started visiting the CWE a lot more due to the fact that I now work there at a piano shop called Jackson Pianos. My co-workers and I can always find a good lunch or happy hour to enjoy after work!



We’ve visited The Preston since we first learned about Sasha Alms and Joshua Johnson heading the bar program there. They gave us some sneak previews about what was happening, and every time there is a new menu or bar change, we are thrilled to go back and try it out.


Dustin made us some boozy concoctions, including Charlie’s favorite, the Goodnight Mr. Preston. It consists of Buffalo Trace bourbon, Carpano Antica, Benedictine and Angostura bitters.



In addition to the unique cocktails, I’m always a fan of the creative small plates and desserts. One of my recent favorites was a frozen chocolate bomber with salted caramel sauce. An interactive dessert!


Ever since we met Sasha and Joshua, they have been really enthusiastic about sharing their new creations with us, and trying to find the perfect shot….



We got extremely lucky with this shot, of Joshua making the Cocchi Cola. I like to call it the Fire Blossom. 😉




Remember, St. Louis is full of hidden and not-so-hidden gems, if you just take the time to go exploring! There are new restaurant and shops opening up every month. Tell us about your latest discovery! What new places should we know about?




We were only asked to post pictures from three neighborhoods, but we couldn’t resist posting one more meal we had recently:



Tower Grove South – Black Thorn Pub & Pizza





Tower Grove South isn’t especially known for having a lot of hip restaurants, but places like the Black Thorn will always be close to my St. Louis heart.  It’s not the best, it’s perhaps not even authentic “Chicago Style” pizza, but it’s a fun place to visit that draws all sorts of characters.  Tower Grove South is also home to the Hartford Coffee Company, Mokabe’s (is that TGS or South Grand?), and is a very picturesque and peaceful neighborhood with a diverse populace.


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